Halcro Amplifiers

It’s time to reflect on the beauty of music…

We believe that music reproduced on a Halcro system can bring the listener closer to the underlying emotion of a musical performance than any other audio system available today.

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The best amplifier ever

“Revolutionary is a word that’s tossed around all too lightly in the world of audio. The understandable impulse to tout every new development as a quantum leap forward in sound reproduction has made it difficult to sort out the evolutionary from the truly groundbreaking. And there’s not that much left to do in amplifier design that is worthy of being called revolutionary or so it seems….Arthur C. Clarke, the futurist and science fiction writer who first conceptualized the communications satellite, once wrote that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. To these ears, the Halcro
dm58 is the embodiment of Clarke’s maxim. The revolution has arrived.” ’.

Paul Bolin, Stereophile Magazine

Live Music

Live Music

If you are passionate about the emotional response produced by music, you must listen to Halcro.
In the words of one customer; “you can listen with your eyes open, you don’t have to imagine anything”.

At Halcro, we are assembling a new team of audio experts, electronics specialists, musicians and applied physicists, all focused on a single vision – to design and manufacture the world’s finest hifi equipment. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the new Halcro in the coming months.