What makes a halcro
amplifier special?

Why Halcro

The Halcro range of amplifiers and preamplifiers brings you closer to pure sound reproduction than ever before. They were designed by Bruce Candy, a physicist and an audiophile, to meet his own stringent requirements of absolute musicality via the purest possible signal. No other amplifier on the market delivers such low levels of distortion, with clarity throughout even the most harmonically complex pieces.

Beneath the elegant shell of a Halcro amplifier lies a combination of revolutionary circuitry, meticulous attention to detail and plain commonsense. Halcro’s proprietary circuitry configuration is such a lateral step, it is not recognizable as that of an amplifier to many engineers. The power supply and audio compartments are physically separated and heavily shielded to retain purity of the signal. Levels of distortion and interference are
a fraction of that of all other amplification technologies.

Beyond all the technology,
there is only one thing that matters:
the ability to convey the emotion of music!

Lack of distortion aside, one of the many things that make Halcro amplifiers so good is the way they maintain the phase coherence of the signal source. Phase coherence is a measure of the degree to which a system maintains the relative timing of various notes or tones within complex music. This is an often overlooked element in audio design. Expect to see more from us in the coming months in this area.

A Quantum Leap

Total Harmonic Distortion is less than 1000 parts per billion at full power (20kHz). It is a fact of physics that distortion is responsible for creating ghost notes. For example; when two notes are played simultaneously, say E in one octave and C in the octave above, the distortion of an amplifer will create a third note, G, in the octave below that of E. Within harmonically complex music, distortion clutters the signal with exaggerated, harsh and confusing sounds. Halcro’s circuitry has been designed to virtually eliminate these intrinsic non-linear effects..

For the technically inclined...

  • Power factor corrected power supply

    • Complete isolation from mains-borne noise
    • Does not induce distortions onto the mains itself (so as not to degrade other hifi components in your system)
    • Maximum power transfer from the mains to the amplifier
  • Zero distortion amplifier topology

    • A dozen unique and patented circuit concepts to eliminate distortion in the audio signal
    • Minimisation of intrinsic non-linear effects
    • Compensating circuits to all but eliminate any residual non-linear effects, but in such a way that they do not intrinsically affect parameters such as gain, bandwidth, phase transfer
  • Physical isolation of circuit elements

    • The input stage is shielded from non-linear magnetic fields generated by the output power devices by a series of substantial eddy current screens
    • Substantial solid copper transmission lines connecting circuit elements in the audio path.
    • The power supply is housed in a separate compartment to the Amplifier to all but eliminate induced noise in the audio path.