dm88 (NS)
monoblock amplifier

The flagship of Halcro’s range is the dm88 monoblock amplifier. The lowest distortion amplifier in the world. With a power rating of 270 Watts at 8 ohms (continuous), and up to 2.1 kW at peak, this amplifier has no equal.


The flagship of Halcro’s range is the dm88 monoblock amplifier. With a power rating of 270 Watts at 8 ohms (continuous), and up to 2.1 kW at peak, this amplifier has no equal.

No other amplifier on the market delivers such low levels of distortion, with clarity throughout even the most harmonically complex pieces. Signal interference is virtually eliminated, unearthing ambient inner detail on your favourite recordings. A lower noise floor brings you more dynamic range and improved sound-staging. Top-end, mid-range and bass are life-like and uncoloured. The result is pure music, completely natural and non-fatiguing.


Beneath the elegant outer casing of a Halcro amplifier lies a combination of revolutionary circuitry, meticulous attention to detail and plain common sense. Halcro’s proprietary circuitry configuration is such a lateral step, it is not recognisable as that of an amplifier to many engineers. The power supply and audio compartments are physically separated and heavily shielded to retain purity of the signal. Levels of distortion and interference are a fraction of that of all other amplification technologies.

Over the past 15 years the Halcro Research and Development Team has perfected the quality of its products in both electronic and mechanical design through continual development and thorough testing.

Given the quantum leap in sound reproduction quality delivered by a Halcro power amplifier, it is only logical that other elements of the signal chain need to be of the same high standards. Levels of THD and IM distortion are so low that they are immeasurable. Noise specifications are also exceptionally low.

The best way to truly understand the effects of these technological advancements is to simply listen to Halcro.

• Operates at up to 2.1 kW at peak

• 270 Watts continuous into 8 ohms

• 500 Watts continuous into 4 ohms
(Continuous – Halcro power ratings are measured at continuous power unlike many competitors who publish measurements tested at peak ratings)

• Less than 0.00005% distortion at full power (20kHz) – Immeasurable at normal listening levels

• Universal power factor corrected power supply which automatically operates from 85V through to 270V RMS. Superior reliability with heavy shielding

• Four input options:

• Balanced voltage input

• Unbalanced voltage input

• Current input

• Minimal path voltage input

• Discrete codes for On/Standby trigger. This simplifies the remote control of the amplifier by another source component

• Series and common mode filtering on the mains input

• Superior industrial grade components used throughout the circuitry to ensure perfect audio reproduction and maximize reliability

• Drives all loudspeakers, including electrostatics

• Solid Mahogany feet

• 5 Year Warranty


'It is the best audio component I've heard, and as far beyond its competition, including the dm58, as the latter was beyond its contemporaries.'


'They are truly the closest design yet to the ideal of a straight wire with gain. They simply present truthfully what was recorded without editorializing. As a recording engineer I believe that is the highest praise one can bestow on any audio component.'

Peter McGrath - Recording Engineer, Harmonia Mundi.

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