It’s time to reflect on the beauty of music.

Introducing Halcro Eclipse Power Amplifiers

“The Halcro Eclipse Stereo power amplifier is in its own orbit. […] There’s the rest. There’s daylight. And then there’s Halcro.”

Peter Katsoolis, SoundStage Australia

“Its sound quality is so breathtakingly good that I had to pinch myself through my listening sessions to remind myself I was awake, and not in some blissful audiophile dream.”

Greg Borrowman, Audio Esoterica

“you’ll just be blown away by the sheer confidence, poise and excitement it can deliver […] it’s nothing short of revelatory”

Andrew Everard & Paul Miller, Hi-Fi News

Where art meets state of the art

Where art meets state of the art

Halcro Eclipse power amplifiers are a triumph of form and function. Clean, graceful lines belie the complexity and sophistication underneath.

Every element performs a vital function. The unique “three box” design separates the power supply from the delicate audio circuitry with substantial shielding and physical separation. 

The elegant pillars hide large heatsinks that keep the system running at the optimum temperature. The solid casework panels provide acoustic isolation and damping to reduce vibration-induced distortion. Everything has a purpose. 

Open the amplifier and you’ll find everything is just beautiful on the inside. Our unwavering attention to detail inside and out is what makes Eclipse so special.

“Halcro is unique. Unique in its imagination of what an amplifier is and in how to push the boundaries of technology.”

Greg Borrowman, Audio Esoterica

Driven by obssesion...

Halcro have a assembled a team of passionate individuals from a diverse range of creative and scientific disciplines. A synergistic blend of physicists, electronic engineers and musicians – all aligned with a common goal – to create technical and musical perfection. 

Every product leaving our manufacturing facility undergoes meticulous testing by ear and measurement. 

Every new product released – must be the best in its class and must transport the listener.

If you are passionate about the emotional response produced by music, you must listen to Halcro.

Innovation in every circuit

Beneath the elegant shell of a Halcro amplifier lies a combination of revolutionary circuitry, meticulous attention to detail and plain common sense. 

The Eclipse amplifiers embody 12 fundamental  conceptual changes in how an amplifier is conceived. None of the Eclipse circuitry is in any way similar to conventional amplifier circuits. 

Total Harmonic Distortion is less than 1000 parts per billion at full power. Distortion is responsible for creating ghost notes. For example; when two notes are played simultaneously, say E in one octave and C in the octave above, the distortion of an amplifier will create a third note, G, in the octave below that of E. Within harmonically complex music, distortion clutters the signal with exaggerated, harsh and confusing sounds. Halcro’s circuitry has been designed to eliminate these intrinsic non-linear effects. 

"Every other amplifier is a variation on the same theme... Then there is Halcro."


“If you’re aware of the Halcro legend, the Eclipse Stereo confirms all those laudatory reviews of the past. If you’re new to the brand, you’ll just be blown away by the sheer confidence, poise and excitement it can deliver.”

Andrew Everard & Paul Miller, Hi-Fi News