It’s time to reflect on the beauty of music.

Introducing Halcro Eclipse

“Its sound quality is so breathtakingly good that I had to pinch myself through my listening sessions to remind myself I was awake, and not in some blissful audiophile dream.”

Greg Borrowman, Audio Esoterica

"Every other amplifier is a variation on the same theme... Then there is Halcro."​

If you’re passionate about tone, timbre, pitch, and the blending of complex harmonic structures and instrumental textures that forms the whole. If you care about every nuance in the sounds produced by the instrumentalist or vocalist, along with natural (un-hyped) rhythmic drive. If you are passionate about the emotional response produced by music, then you will want an accurate presentation, you need to hear the world’s first super-fidelity instruments from Halcro.


Introducing Halcro Eclipse

Marking Halcro’s return, an entire area of the Ground Floor at the 2017 Melbourne International HiFi Show, was renamed the ‘Halcro Lounge‘ and featured our new products, including
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Live Music

If you are passionate about the emotional response produced by music, you must listen to Halcro.

In the words of one customer; “you can listen with your eyes open, you don’t have to imagine anything”.

At Halcro, we are a new team of audio experts, electronics specialists, musicians and applied physicists, all focused on a single vision – to design and manufacture the world’s finest hifi equipment.